Famara - a paradise for surfers and water sport enthusiasts

by Nicola Quinn
'Spain Canary Islands Lanzarote village of whitewashed houses overlooking Famara Beach' - Lanzarote
'Spain Canary Islands Lanzarote village of whitewashed houses overlooking Famara Beach' John Copland / Shutterstock

Commonly known as the European Hawaii thanks to its superb surfing opportunities, Famara is positioned on the north west coast of the island and can be accessed by one road which stretches on for around 15km. Although the thought of driving 15km down one road might seem a bit dull, the journey to Famara is anything but boring.

During springtime, the barren sandy landscape leading to Famara is home to loads of fresh truffles – if you know where to look. Hand gliders regularly take off from this area and goat herders use the little bit of greenery available to feed their herds. Be warned - the goats are unfamiliar with the green cross code, so be very careful when driving by them.

The resort has a very laid-back atmosphere with locals, ex-pats and visitors of all nationalities living together in sun-kissed harmony. There is a small selection of cafes, bars, restaurants and supermarkets available throughout the resort, all of which are within easy walking distance of each other. In the centre of Famara you’ll also find a number of sport facilities and services, such as yoga and pilates classes, as well as a training centre and bike hire.

The beach is without a doubt one of the resort’s many highlights. Playa de Famara attracts thousands of surfers each year who travel from all over the world to check out the amazing reefs and incredible waves. It stretches on for an astonishing 6km, so you’ll never struggle to find somewhere to lie down your towel.

The kite surfers tend to stick to the far end of the beach, past the bungalows, whilst the surf schools are set up roughly in the middle. Not only are the waves ideal for surfing, but they’re also perfect for boogie boarding and splashing around in the surf.

The nightlife is mainly limited to small tapas bars and Canarian restaurants. Although this isn’t ideal if you’re eager to dance until the early hours, Famara’s nightlife scene is perfect for those who just want to take it easy after a long day at the beach.

The ideal resort for water sport enthusiasts, Famara provides a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere and beautiful coastal surroundings.

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